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There is a magic to Vienna that makes visitors to the city desire to be a part of it. It may be that it's the way that Vienna manages to marry tradition with innovation, or how the citizens get so much accomplished while practicing Gemutlichkeit (relaxation). Or maybe it's that, as one wanders through the streets, "The City of Dreams" (named for Freud), one seems to always hear Mozart being played in the background. And a wonderful way to feel a part of the city is to rent a Vienna apartment. is the provider of these Holiday Apartments Vienna results

There are many benefits to a holiday flat. For many families, a holiday flat will give them more room, dining options and privacy. You probably won't find amenities like room service, but you will find a fairly well-equipped kitchen. You even may have free Wi-Fi or a washer and dryer. Usually, a holiday flat works out to be a less expensive option, especially if you prepare a few meals at home. Regardless of your motivation, by renting a Vienna apartment, you will definitely live like a local.

Most holiday rentals are located in Innere Stadt or the 1 st District. This district is at the very centre of the concentric circles that make up Vienna. You won't be far from any of the attractions that Vienna offers, and the Votivkirche (Votiv Church), Rathaus (City Hall), and the Freud Museum will be, most likely, just around the corner. You will tour the Museum Palais Liechtenstein , read your newspapers in Viennese coffeehouses, rent bikes to ride along the Danube. And you will shop on the pedestrian-only Karntner Strasse, Vienna's high-end shopping area. At night, you can visit the Opera House or dine in one of the city's traditional Viennese restaurants. And make sure that you spend some time one evening in a Heuriger or wine tavern. These rustic wine bars are known for the local wines that they serve and can really help you to feel a part of Austria.

Another area where you might want to stay is the Landstrasse or the 3 rd District. This district is full of baroque churches, monuments and palaces. Belvedere Palace is an especially interesting site with its Baroque architecture and its art gallery that includes Klimt's "The Kiss." This area houses many embassies and is known as Vienna's diplomatic quarter.

For families, the Leopoldstadt or 2 nd District may be the perfect area for your holiday flat. There are many parks in this district, and your flat will be close to the banks of the Danube. You will be close to Stephan's Dome, Prater and Stadtpark . In Prater, there's even an amusement park with Riesenrad (a ferris wheel), merry-go-rounds, and miles of paths. In the summer, the banks of the Danube become busy with beaches and pools for everyone to enjoy.

While in Vienna, don't miss the Hofburg Imperial Palace with its Lipizzaner stallions at the Spanish Riding School or the newly completed Museum Quarter with its Picasso and Warhol paintings. The juxtaposition of traditional with modern makes Vienna intriguing and fresh for even the most experienced traveler. And it's comforting to return each night to your very own piece of Vienna even if it's only yours for your stay.


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