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Vienna plays a central role in the history of classical music. This is the city where both Mozart and Beethoven worked in their prime, where Haydn and Brahms settled in their later years, where the Strauss dynasty invented and refined the waltz, where Mahler and Schoenberg shook the foundations of the music world with their stylistic innovations. The Viennese tradition of musical patronage and sophistication continues to the present day.

Vienna offers classical-music aficionados a concert scene of unsurpassed quality. The Vienna Philharmonic is today one of the finest and most popular symphony orchestras in the world. Its subscription series is sold out years in advance, but it holds special concerts throughout the year. To obtain tickets to the Vienna Philharmonic, you should start planning well before your visit to Vienna. It is best to inquire at least half a year in advance through a tourist agency specializing in musical events.

Many smaller orchestras operate in Vienna, offering you a chance to attend a world-class musical evening without planning very far ahead. These include the Vienna People's Symphony Orchestra, the Vienna Chamber Orchestra, and the Vienna Walzer Orchestra. Don't forget that Vienna is home to the world-renowned Vienna Boys' Choir, upholding the most rigorous standards of choral music in their spectacular and moving performances.  

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