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The Twin Museums
If you walk through Heroes' Square, past the People's Garden and between the Imperial Palace gates, you find yourself at the Ring road. Immediately on the other side of the Ring is Maria Theresa Square. Facing each other across the grassy expanse are two imposing museums. They are nearly identical on the outside, yet each has a very distinct mission on the inside. At one end of Maria Theresa Square is the Museum of Natural History, while at the other is the Museum of Art History. A double dose of art and science awaits the inquisitive mind.

Art Exhibitions
The art galleries and art museums of Vienna display a vast range of paintings and sculptures from the medieval, Renaissance, and modern periods. Viennese art collections include numerous masterpieces collected by the imperial rulers of Austria, as well as the works of famous homegrown artists such as Gustav Klimt. The most important art gallery in Vienna is the Albertina.

The Albertina is attached to the imperial palace complex in the inner city, and features an especially fine collection of prints and drawings.

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