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Much of Vienna's night life takes place in dance clubs that the locals call discos. A Viennese disco is very different from American discos of the Saturday Night Fever and Soul Train variety. Instead, the dance floor in a Vienna disco throbs to the synthesized Euro-beat of techno music and its various offshoots: dance, trance, house, ambient, and other electronica.

For a more relaxed style of club-hopping, visit the traditional Austrian pubs in the downtown area known as the Bermuda Triangle. During the summer, the open-air bars and restaurants on Danube Island offer a good time under the stars.

For the heartiest beer and wine in Vienna, spend an evening with friends at an inn in the Viennese hill districts. Here you can drink indoors or out depending on the weather, and are welcome to bring your own food from a Viennese deli or to order a meal on the spot. Adding to the allure of many Viennese inns is their tradition of serving wine made in the surrounding vineyards.

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