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A brief walk from the Vindobona excavation takes you to the Graben, once a Roman defensive trench and now a wide pedestrian avenue. Across the Graben and down a short street are the gates of the Old Palace (Alte Hofburg), the large and lavishly decorated seat of Austrian rulers. The gates are always open, inviting you to walk down the archway and through several courtyards until you emerge into Heroes' Square.

The square is framed by the Old Palace and the New Palace (Neue Hofburg), also known as the Imperial Palace because it was built at the height of Austria's imperial era.

The two palaces are joined into one massive structure. You can wander its convoluted interior hallways for days without exhausting the treasures and curiosities. The palatial exterior, a harmonious arrangement of neo-classical columns and Baroque arches, forms one of the most splendid sights in all of Europe.


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