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An impressive sequence of Viennese architecture awaits you beyond Maria Theresa Square. Just across the street is the Messepalast, a vast art gallery and exhibition hall. At one of its corners, diagonally opposite the Museum of Natural History, is the People's Theater. On the other side of the theater is the Palace of Justice, Vienna's principal courthouse. Circle the courthouse and you are on the Ring again, standing next to the Austrian Parliament and across from the Theseus Temple in the People's Garden.

Continue along the Ring to find yourself at the City Theater, and facing it, across a sizeable park, Vienna's City Hall. The German name for City Hall is Rathaus, which may seem amusing even after you learn that “Rat” means "council". At the other end of the Mayoral park is the main block of the University of Vienna. Across the street is Roosevelt Square and the great dome of the Votive Church.

Here begins one of the broadest and leafiest segments of the Ring. Halfway along it is Vienna's stock market (Börse). You can walk further until you reach the Danube Canal, or turn at the stock market and walk back into the inner city, where you will soon reach the old medieval city hall (Altes Rathaus).


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