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Vienna is a stunningly beautiful place to visit and one of the top Central European travel destinations. This city is so rich in culture and the arts and has a storied history that provides some excellent historic attractions. There is much to do during your time in Vienna so one should budget your minutes carefully to ensure that the city is thoroughly explored to give a true feel of this wonderful place.

Sure Vienna offers stunning are, culture and shopping, that is a given. However, The Vienna Zoo offers a refreshing and fun day of experiencing nature and seeing a huge variety of animals from all over the world. The Zoo is one of the best in all of Europe and makes for a nice change of pace trading out cathedrals for chimpanzees on your European Itineraries.


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The State Opera House in Vienna is one of the top visited sites in the city and with good reason. Guided tours are available here, informing guests on the history of the building as well as its present. If you can afford it, seeing a show here is quite possibly the best way to see the Opera House in all of its glory. Come here for the Opera or the Ballet and you will be given an unforgettable show in this gorgeously designed building. The Opera house is a top attraction in the city and a must see when in Vienna.

The Liechtenstein Museum is the place to be in Vienna to see a stunning collection of great art. From Rembrandt to Van Dyck, the collection of high quality art here is stunning and this is one of the top private collections of art in all of Europe. The collection will not take long to view and the various paintings, furniture and sculptures give guests a nice variety of different artworks to enjoy. This museum is a must see in Vienna and one of the top rated attractions here for art lovers.

Vienna Explorer Tours is a company that is well known around backpackers who have visited Vienna. This is because the company has built its name on provided excellent one-of-a-kind tours to travelers from all over the world who come to the gorgeous city of Vienna. There are a bunch of different tours that are available through the company ranging from wine tastings to bike tours and everything in-between. This is a great way of learning about the city, its unique culture and the great things to do and see in and around the city.

Trekking Austria is the place for outdoor adventure near Vienna and exploring the mountain ranges in the region is a great way to see the outdoors in the region. The challenging tours are great for groups and for outdoor and adventure lovers these tours are some of the best you will find in all of Europe. The multilingual staff will escort you to the trailhead where you will test your endurance and enjoy the gorgeous natural surroundings.

The Historic Center of Vienna is a top attraction and a UNESCO World Heritage Site that draws travelers from all over the world. The buildings here are extremely beautiful and the price of entry is very reasonable. This is the place in Vienna to start your exploration as there are many important historical sites nearby and also a myriad of wonderful restaurants and cafes. This well preserved historical center of the city is a great place to take a stroll and get lost in the wonderful streets and alleys that seem to transport you back in time and this is a must see area in Vienna.



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