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Vienna used to be the centre of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, a vast tract of territory stretching throughout the Balkans and Central Europe. Most of the Vienna's sightseeing attractions hark back to this era, including the Schonbrunn Palace, the Concert Hall and the world famous zoo. There's also an enormous ferris wheel which is a 'must do' for all visitors, and several excellent museums and art galleries, including the Music House, which is a remarkable interactive museum that attracts visitors of all ages.

If you'd like to get around by yourself, then there's a 'Hop on, hop off' bus that travels on a route around the main tourist sites in town. Your ticket will include discounts at attractions and museums. This is a very good option if you want to see Vienna at your own pace, and include plenty of stop offs at the cafes which Vienna is famous for - be sure to try a wide range of pastries!

Danube cruises - of which varying lengths are available - are extremely popular. You can see the sights by day or by night. Evening cruises can include drinks or dinner. During your cruise you'll see many of the sights of Vienna and find out more about the city's history, as well as the importance of the Danube to local residents.

If you would like a guided tour, then cycling and Segway tours are available. There are also walking tours of various lengths available, which cover the highlights of the city and give you an insight into Vienna's rich history.

Vienna is famous for its elegant evening entertainment - particularly its wonderful balls and performances of classical music. The Concert Hall regularly holds Mozart and choral recitals, and concerts are held in the Schonbrunn Palace Orangery too. Or you could have a trip to the Opera, which will be complete with all the costumes and fineries that you'd expect. Or, you can have a combined evening that includes dinner at a top Viennese restaurant and an orchestral performance. Vienna also has a thriving and friendly bar and café scene, and it's well worth experiencing some of the less formal nightlife on offer.

Austrian wines are famous, and are well worth trying. A wine tasting tour where you travel between stops on a bike is the perfect way to see some of the city and taste some quality wines. If you suspect that combining wining and cycling might leave you wobbling around on two wheels, then you can also try a more conventional wine tasting session.

Vienna is within easy travelling distance of other European capitals. Routes that include Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest are very popular, and all three capitals can by reached by ship or by coach or rail. You can also take day trips to each of these cities, as well as Salzburg and Prague. You can also visit the beautiful woods outside Vienna, which are a popular trip for a day or a half day - this trip includes a cruise in the largest subterranean lake in Europe, the Seegrotte, and a visit to the Mayerling hunting lodge.


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