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Millions of people need Vienna tourist information annually, many of which travel solely for the 100 museums. Vienna is unique and special, often referred to as The City of Dreams since it was the birthplace of Sigmund Freud . Nestled on the east part of Austria, the city is close to Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, making it a bit of a melting pot which adds to its diverse cultural charm.

Vienna enjoys a transition of a humid continental climate and an oceanic climate. Summers are warm with average temperatures of 25.7°C, plenty of sunshine and moderate rain. If you are looking for climate tourist information because you intend on visiting in the winter, expect cold temperatures around the freezing point and snow from December through March. Don't let snow deter you though this city is gorgeous when covered with a white blanket.

The first thing to learn when it comes to transportation tourist information is that there are seven districts; this will help you when reading maps at public transportation stations. Vienna offers buses, trams, subways, commuter rail and rail. When you buy tickets, you can use them on any public transportation with the exception of taxis.
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The three trams that comprise the rail system are recommended for reaching the outskirts or borders of neighbouring countries while the tram is a slower option if you want to get a good view of the city.

Taxis are in abundance and can be found at a stand or hailed on the street. Most rides will use a meter price but sometimes you can negotiate the cost for a longer distance.

Cycling is a great way to see the city. Bicycle paths can be found in parks and along rivers and major streets so you can get nearly anywhere. CityBike and Pedal Power are the most popular bike rental facilities in the city.

If you are interested in tourist information because you are concerned about language barriers you'll be happy to know that most employees of hotels, popular restaurants, museums, banks, etc., do speak English. The primary languages here though are German and Austro-Bavarian. Minority languages include Turkish, Romanian and Serbo-Croatian.

The euro is the currency accepted in Vienna. You can use credit card or withdrawal at ATM machines which are called Bankomats . If you need to go to a bank, most close by 3:00 PM on some days so get there early. You can also exchange currency at foreign exchange offices, post offices and hotels.

If you are concerned about tourist information regarding safety because of the city's size, you should know that Vienna is one of the safest places to vacation and live in the world. There are not any districts that you need to avoid but single female travellers should stay out of parks at night. Pickpockets are common, especially on crowded public transportation. Do not walk in bike lanes. If you have an emergency, dial 112.


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